"The new representative of antique Karianda, the inviting resort of the streets with mandarin smells... Gky of the past is today's Gltrkbk..."

Glky, known as "Karianda" in mythology and Trkbk, named as "Madnasa" in antique times were gathered under a common local administration in 1999 and renamed as Gltrkbk. Once living on viniculture and fishery, the town is now the most popular holiday place in Aegean.

The times of colorful joy are dominant in Gltrkbk which welcomes its guests with long beaches, boutique hotels, restaurants and bars.

You are on a geography where you can live every single moment with a taste of a fairy tale with calm bays refreshing the souls, the sun accompanying the blue-flagged beaches and the green continuously inhaling...

Enjoy It!

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